'Brand + Customer' is the leading strategy

Be honest, does your business have a robust and reliable strategy?
You're not alone if you don't. You're also not alone if you do have one, but it's gone by the wayside whilst other business objectives take over.

We help companies discover their true potential in their marketplace. We help them think about their unique value proposition, which is where things begin to go wrong.

In this article, we will chat through the importance of pursuing a business strategy and the most significant problems we see as a consultancy when helping businesses improve their online digital presence.

As a company, your unique value starts with a strategy.

What is the meaning of 'strategy'?
On Wikipedia, a strategy is a; plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

But let's think about it differently. A strategy also means...

"You strive to reach a position in the customer's mind that causes them to think of you and experience you in a particular way. It's that experience that will drive them to do business with you".

You could say its a very 'Brand + Customer' approach to strategy – but honestly, its the only one you should be following. If your brand is not connecting with your customer needs, it won't be long-standing.

The biggest problem we see with the companies we work with is that they don't connect their strategy to customer needs. They rarely have a purpose, and often operate from internal stakeholders voicing their 'million-dollar ideas'.

This kind of movement won't work long-term.

Customers don't and won't ever see who these companies are, what they stand for and most importantly, why they should choose their products or services over another brand.

You have got to address your customers problems – why will your product or service help them? You should speak to your customers and allow them to connect with your brand on a more personal level.

Many businesses won't ever speak to their customers. They like to play safe and stick to their ideas – playing safe is actually riskier. By not following a brand + customer strategy, your business will quickly become 'mediocre'.

The days of being mediocre are over! (You may like this article too)

Knowing what your customers think of your brand, products, or services can be painful. As humans, we don't like criticism, but these problems customers have are something you could address to create massive value. Get on their side and show them what your brand stands for.

If you need help understanding your customers or implementing a 'brand + customer-focused' strategy to your designs, we can help you. Feel free to book a 30-minute consultation call where we can chat through your roadblocks, problems and desires.

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