Optimisation principles, data and customer behaviours

We don’t design based on personal taste, opinions or whats trending at the time., we use data to analyse the opportunities and threats to the growth of your eCommerce business.

Tried, tested and gets results

The truth is no one solution fits all ⁠— the process depends on the project. We use data insights and customer feedback to tailor the process to accommodate your brand goals.


The brief sets the course and tone for the entire project. We are looking to define the goal, diagnose the problem and understand any limitations.

Website review

We carry out expert reviews of your website to identify ways to improve both the user experience and conversion rates.

Analytics audit

We review your Google or Adobe analytics platform to ensure you have a professional setup and offer advice on how to improve your sites performance.

Usability testing

With the insights we will test your existing website with real customers to understand the threats, opportunities and missing features.

Turning data into actions

We collect the data from the usability testing. Using the a framework we prioritise issues and generate solutions that will add the most value to your business.

From wireframes to design

Using all the insights we can confidently design solutions to your existing problems — no guesswork or opinions needed.

Validation through testing

We build the tests, analyse them in our automated platforms and give you access to our dashboards so you can see exactly whats happening.

We will involve you in the process from start to finish
(if you want).

We will help you to stand in your customer shoes by understanding who they are, what they are trying to accomplish, what goals drive their behaviour, how they think, how they buy, and why they make buying decisions.

We will provide you with all the insights, measurement frameworks and solutions so you can understand why we want to drive change.

Its a process, not a mad rush to the finish line (to then realise it was a mistake)

ps — successful websites are never finished
We aren’t like other design agencies that build websites for awards and accolades. We don’t ‘hope’ that a website redesign out performs the old website when it goes live and have a plan to roll back.

We incrementally improve your site so that it will always be operating at peak performance and save you an enormous cost of another redesign in a few years.

Your one step closer to advancing your website

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What clients say about us

“Through a series of successful A/B tests, the optimisation and experimentation work at MAG made significant commercial impact. (I know the executive team will always remember this 🤑)”
Sam Sharara