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We help established businesses design and optimise their products to grow, scale, and sustain successfully.

We design products people love

Together Incredible is led by user experience and design systems consultant, Becky Birch. We partner with organisations and scale-ups to design new or redesign existing digital products that put the customer at the centre of their strategy.

“Becky has the rare focus to care about the clients and projects she works on. Add to this her passion, and you find yourself working with a great designer who gives great results.”
Rob F @ TDR
Becky Birch

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CASE STUDY –  01/02 ↓

PinkNews — Bringing unity to all applications

We worked with the product team to launch a design system that now supports their core application and all new feature development.

We coached PinkNews designers and engineers that resulted in faster releases and a system that can scale with their business.

“Enabling designers and developers to focus more on creating a cohesive and enjoyable user experience.”

CASE STUDY  –  02/03 ↓

Hermes — Delivering a rebrand and embedding an optimisation strategy

Hermes embarked on a digital transformation to revolutionise its business. We partnered with the design team to overhaul the customer journey and run a six-month optimisation program to stabilise conversions and evolve their products.

“Our success in building a UX function is in no small part due to the exceptional contribution she has made to our team.”

CASE STUDY  –  03/03 ↓

MCR Airport — 4.8% uplift on the parking reservations funnel

The digital business at MAGO already had a reputation for providing commercial capabilities, products and services for airports around the world.

We implemented data-driven decisions to optimise the reservations systems for parking, hospitality and ancillary products.

“Turn strong customer focus into significant commercial impact, through a series of successful A/B tests.”

What people say

See what our clients have to say about their experience.

Marius C 🇬🇧
Head of UX

Our success in building a UX function from the ground up, and improving UX maturity within the organisation, is in no small part due to the exceptional contribution she has made to our team. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and manages to stay cool, calm and collected, no matter the size of the challenge you throw her way.

Lynsey A 🇬🇧
VP of Product

A true talent. If you're considering starting your design system journey, want to optimise your products, or need a strategy surrounding your users, don't look elsewhere. With an eye for detail, the ability to harness and take the team along with her, and never failing to hit a deadline, Becky's delivery capability has no limits. In a saturated market, I have yet to find anyone better or trusted in UX, research, design, and optimisation.

Tom R 🇬🇧
Senior UX Designer

Becky is a supremely talented and thoughtful designer. She executes brilliantly, is totally focused on value and can always articulate the data/insight/thinking behind her design decisions. Learned a lot working with her and cannot recommend her enough!

Jess L 🇬🇧
Lead UI/UX Designer

I can’t recommend Becky highly enough! She’s passionate, switched on, and an overall wonderful person to work with. Becky understands good UX, with the skill to balance business needs, commercial viability and user needs. She has a great eye for UI and a very good understanding of what makes a successful design system.

Szymon B 🇬🇧
UX Designer & Research

Becky is a talented design expert and a strong leader. I watched her transform whole business departments towards a user-centric approach while delivering results on challenging UX projects. What makes Becky stand out is a combination of exceptional design talent and the ability to work with the business goals.

Sam S 🇬🇧
Head of UX @ MAGO

In Becky’s optimisation and experimentation work at MAG she was able to turn her strong customer focus into significant commercial impact, through a series of successful A/B tests. (I know the executive team will always remember her for this 🤑)

Andy G 🇬🇧
Founder @ Made by shape

Becky is a down to earth girl who has an eye for detail in design. It's been great to see her progression as a designer over the years and would highly recommend her services. I'd be more than happy to hire Becky again in the future.

Rob F 🇬🇧
Director @ TDR

Becky is a very talented lady indeed. She has the rare focus to really care about the clients and projects she works with and on, Add to this her passion and constant hunger to keep improving and you find your self working with a great designer who gives great results.

Sarah LA 🇬🇧
Director @ Luxe Asset Finance

Becky has been fantastic and super responsive at designing our website. She has worked outside of normal work hours to meet our deadlines and a really great sounding board for our ideas. I would have no hesitation in the recommendation of her services for both her professionalism and creativity.

A little bit about us

Together Incredible is led by user experience and design systems consultant, Becky Birch.

Through Together Incredible, Becky partners with organisations and scale-ups to empower them to move at speed, reduce risk and win on customer experience.

Becky has supported and built rapport with some of the leading organisations and teams such as Adidas, Nike, JD Sports Fashion PLC, The Science Museum, National Railway Museum, Evri and The Manchester Airport Group, to name a few.

What makes us different

We have worked with some of the biggest leaders in their markets to help them design solutions that bring measured return on investment.

Get to the root of the problem

We look for ways to provide the most value, going beyond the surface problem to find a solution that sets you up for success.

Focus on customer value

Putting customer value at the heart of your business model makes it impossible to resist change and avoid adopting best-in-class tools and practices.

Keep things simple

Why complicate things? Simplicity is a key design principle. The easier something is to understand and use – the more likely it is to be adopted and engaged with.

Measure what matters

Focus on winning attitudes, an agreement on what is best for the future of the organisation and the products you create.


We're a team who teach and learn-by-doing. We prefer to fail fast than plan and never achieve anything.

Have fun

We are a friendly team set up to provide a structured, supportive, cost effective way to improve your business.