Is your website stopping you reach your sales goals?

We help direct-to-consumer, eCommerce brands convert visitors into customers through data-driven designs.
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We help our clients ignite growth, launch products, and build relationships with their end-users.

We offer an extensive wealth of strategy, design and digital services that can help you achieve higher conversion rates.
Our capabilities

Our designs focus on optimisation principles, data and customer behaviours

We design solutions to your existing problems, we don’t design for awards and accolades.  We turn the unknown into the accountable by creating end-to-end experiences supported by measurement frameworks, analytics and reporting.
Our process

Our core services are designed to optimise your eCommerce website and improve conversion rates.

Our team work to align your business goals with your users needs. We work to add value and seek results rather than focusing just on aesthetics — thats a must if you want to compete in your marketplace.

Landing page design and optimisation

Landing pages are among the most powerful conversion tools in your back pocket.
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Data-driven website design

We design to make you money. End-to-end experiences focusing on improving conversion rates.
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Our full optimisation program

Everything from audits, research, and recommendations to design, roadmaps and A/B testing.
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Trusted by high growth companies

+4.8% uplift for Manchester Airport booking funnel

We used data to identify any anomalies and research to understand their customers. From there, we were able to design and implement successful  solutions.
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What clients say about us

“Through a series of successful A/B tests, the optimisation and experimentation work at MAG made significant commercial impact. (I know the executive team will always remember this 🤑)”
Sam Sharara

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