9 Common Barriers to Growth in SaaS Products and How Designers Can Lead the Charge for Change

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We have worked with several SaaS-based companies in the financial, travel rewards, and logistics sectors that were all on a mission to achieve sustainable growth. However, we noticed that these companies inadvertently encountered common pitfalls that affected their growth trajectory. In this post, we'll explore nine of these mistakes and provide insights on how to overcome them.

1. Poor onboarding experience

Effective user onboarding drives adoption and retention in the SaaS industry. Overlooking this critical phase leads to high churn rates and missed growth opportunities. 

Here are 8 strategies to improve your onboarding experience:
8 Proven Strategies to Dramatically Improve New User Onboarding

2. Failing to address customer feedback

Ignoring customer feedback is a surefire way to stagnate growth. Your users' insights are invaluable for refining your product and meeting their evolving needs. Collect and analyse feedback to drive continuous improvement and understand customer pain points.

3. Overlooking product-market fit

A mismatch between your product and the target market can impede growth efforts. Conduct thorough market research to identify your ideal customer profile and validate product-market fit. Tailor your offerings to address specific pain points and deliver maximum value to your target audience.

4. Lack of scalability

Scaling a SaaS business requires a solid infrastructure and processes to accommodate growing demand. Failure to prioritise scalability can result in performance issues, downtime, and customer dissatisfaction. This is where most companies need to spend a lot of money on a re-platform or redesign – invest in scalable solutions from the outset to support long-term growth ambitions.

5. Ignoring customer retention

Focusing solely on customer acquisition while neglecting retention is a costly mistake. Retaining existing customers is often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Implement self-serve support channels, personalised engagement, and loyalty programs to foster long-term customer relationships.

"Acquiring new customers costs 5-10x more than selling to a current customer, and current customers spend 67% more on average than those new to your business."
BIA Advisory.

6. Marketing and sales misalignment

Misalignment between marketing and sales teams can hamper growth efforts. Ensure close collaboration between these departments to drive a cohesive go-to-market strategy. Align messaging, target audience, and lead-handling processes to streamline the customer journey and maximise conversions.

7. Neglecting continuous innovation

Innovation is key to staying ahead of the competition. Without it, products stagnate and lose relevance, often leading to costly redesigns. Encourage a culture of innovation within your organisation, promote the importance of experimentation, and regularly introduce new features that solve problems and delight your customers.

Time Gap Discontinuity in Innovations

8. Underestimating competition

Underestimating your competitors can leave your SaaS business vulnerable to market disruptions. Stay informed about competitors' offerings, pricing strategies, and market positioning. Differentiate your product through innovation, superior customer experience, and strategic partnerships.

9. Lack of data-driven decision-making

Relying on intuition rather than data-driven insights can lead to misguided decisions. Leverage analytics tools to gather actionable data on user behaviour, product performance, and market trends. This information will inform strategic initiatives, optimise processes, and drive growth.

One of the most under-utilised methods is often right before you – customer service. Regular review sessions where the product design team and managers can listen to recorded customer service calls or participate in live call monitoring sessions are invaluable insights.

Its a wrap

Avoiding these common mistakes is essential for sustainable product growth in the SaaS industry. SaaS companies can overcome obstacles and succeed by prioritising user onboarding, embracing customer feedback, ensuring product-market fit, and addressing scalability challenges. Stay observant, iterate continuously, and focus on delivering value to your customers.

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