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Accelerate your product growth and unlock 150+ pre-built unique templates to scale responsive pages 10x faster, freeing time for more complex tasks.

Trusted by hyper-growth tech companies

10x your design speed and quality

Tired of your product team wasting thousands of hours starting from scratch on every project, rebuilding the same components repeatedly? CMS Master provides everything you need to design high quality UI and websites.

Efficiency boost

Streamlining workflows to achieve faster delivery while maintaining consistency and quality.

Focus on innovation

Empower design teams to shift their focus from mundane tasks to user needs and business objectives

30% time savings

Limited resource? Stop wasting time pixel pushing and get projects off the ground faster.

Team collaboration

Improve team collaboration by providing a centralised repository of design templates.

It was insanely quick to build product pages! Swapping out breakpoint variants from desktop to mobile and watching all your content move into place was very satisfying.

Harry W  🇬🇧

Product Designer

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Marius C 🇬🇧

Head of UX @ Evri

Our success in building a UX function from the ground up, and improving UX maturity within the organisation, is in no small part due to the exceptional contribution she has made to our team. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and manages to stay cool, calm and collected, no matter the size of the challenge you throw her way.

Jess L 🇬🇧

Lead UX Designer @ Evri

I can’t recommend Becky highly enough! She’s passionate, switched on, and an overall wonderful person to work with. Becky understands good UX, with the skill to balance business needs, commercial viability and user needs. She has a great eye for UI and a very good understanding of what makes a successful design system.

Lynsey A 🇨🇳

VP of Product @ DragonPass

A true talent. If you're considering starting your design system journey, want to optimise your products, or need a strategy surrounding your users, don't look elsewhere. With an eye for detail, the ability to harness and take the team along with her, and never failing to hit a deadline, Becky's delivery capability has no limits. In a saturated market, I have yet to find anyone better or trusted in UX, research, design, and optimisation.

Rob F 🇬🇧

Director @ TDR

Becky is a very talented lady indeed. She has the rare focus to really care about the clients and projects she works with and on, Add to this her passion and constant hunger to keep improving and you find your self working with a great designer who gives great results.

Szymon B 🇬🇧

UX Designer & Research

Becky is a talented design expert and a strong leader. I watched her transform whole business departments towards a user-centric approach while delivering results on challenging UX projects. What makes Becky stand out is a combination of exceptional design talent and the ability to work with the business goals.

Tom R 🇬🇧

Senior UX Designer

Becky is a supremely talented and thoughtful designer. She executes brilliantly, is totally focused on value and can always articulate the data/insight/thinking behind her design decisions. Learned a lot working with her and cannot recommend her enough!
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