Bringing unity to all applications

Pink News partnered with us to revolutionise their digital presence. Our mission was to infuse a modern sensibility and enhance the user experience across all their digital touch points.

World's largest LGBTQ+ media brand

Pink News is the most influential LGBTQ+ media brand with over 150 million monthly unique visitors across all their platforms. The brand exists to inform, inspire change and empower people to be themselves.

Together Incredible partnered with Pink News to re-platform and modernise their digital brand experience. Our overarching goal was to establish stability through a comprehensive redesign while striving to enhance engagement and page load times for increased advertising incentives.

Scalable and Accessible Design System

Our approach centred on implementing our design system framework to provide scalability and consistency across all channels. We aimed to maintain performance during the platform migration while incorporating data-driven UX optimisations for maximum business impact.

Over a 6-month work program, we embarked on a mission to understand user behaviours, implement 'Design Accelerator' (design system) and uphold peak online performance throughout the rollout.

Award winning results

Our collaboration with Pink News has been a resounding success, resulting in a remarkable transformation of their digital platforms and the implementing of our design system framework within their in-house team.


Awarded App of the Year at prestigious Drum Awards 2023 🏆


Users engaged with 30% more articles on homepage


Accessibility standards to provide a better user experience for everyone